PureChem Services is a division of Canadian Energy Services (CES), one of the largest drilling fluids providers in Canada. CES operates two core businesses; a drilling fluids division and a production specialty chemicals division. These are supported by two other complimentary business units in Canada; Clear Environmental Solutions and EQUAL Transport. CES also has significant operations in the US operating under the names of AES Drilling Fluids, Jacam Chemical Company, and Catalyst Oilfield Services.

PureChem Services and our US sister divisions, Jacam and Catalyst thrive on being problem solvers for our customers, our team of scientists, engineers, and technicians work hand in hand with the customer to understand the challenge before going to work to develop customized solutions to enhance production and protect infrastructure from the damage that can result from mistreating.




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  • PureChem can evaluate your oil and gas challenges and recommend programs to maximize production while minimizing costs.
  • PureChem is the leading specialists in the removal of H2S from hydrocarbon gas and liquid systems.
  • PureChem offers customized well stimulation programs to enhance production.
  • Protecting assets and the environment are paramount in the pipeline sector.
  • PureChem Services provides a broad range of chemicals to the fracturing sector.


  • PureChem has labs strategically located for rapid response to provide customer solutions.
  • PureChem provides engineered solutions for H2S scavenging challenges.
  • PureChem Services has a standalone H2S scavenger production facility that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • PureChem Carriers is our in-house trucking division.

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